Monthly Archives: January 2018

All for Kids closed til 10 am Wednesday 1-17-2018


All for Kids Pediatric Clinic will be closed and will not open til at least 10 a.m. tomorrow morning(1-17-2018). This allows the physicians to determine the risk to our patients and our staff from the road conditions. If you have an appointment scheduled from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., we will make every effort to get [...]

All for Kids open 11-3 today 1-16-2018


Due to road conditions, All for Kids will be open 11-3 today.  Dr. Paulus and Dr. Salman will be seeing their regularly scheduled patients and other sick children as time allows. Phone lines will open at 11 am. All others will need to reschedule. If you need emergency medical advice during the time the clinic [...]