Let us give you a heads up about the upcoming Flu season and the Influenza vaccines that will be available this year. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has recommended that the Live Intranasal Flu Vaccine (FluMist) not be given this year. In years past, this vaccine was given to children two years of age and older provided the child didn’t have asthma. Studies of the last three flu seasons have shown that children who got FluMist were four times more likely to get influenza than a child who got the Injectable Inactivated Flu Vaccine (Flu shot). Thus, the Intranasal FluMist was much, much less effective that the Injectable Flu Vaccine for the past three years. Thus, the CDC has recommended not giving FluMist this year for this reason. We at All For Kids Pediatric Clinic are following the CDC’s recommendation. We have cancelled our order for FluMist as have most of the pediatric clinics in the Little Rock area. So, for your children 6 months and older, it is the Flu Shot this year. FluMist will not be available. We begin giving Influenza vaccinations each year in late September or early October depending on when the manufacturer delivers the vaccine.