We apologize but our phones have gone down and you are not able to access the clinic through the regular phone system. Two methods of contacting us:

1.  We currently have Comcast forwarding our main number – 501-224-5437 to a cell phone. Of course you may get a busy signal with only one line versus the seven lines we usually have.  Due to this — the person answering the phone will only take your name and number and someone else will call you back to either schedule an appointment or answer your nurse questions.

2.  Your other option would be to contact us through the Medical Exchange at 501-663-8400.  They will take your number and contact us to return your call.

The calls will be returned by our cell phones and will be a blocked number – so please answer blocked calls if you need to talk to us.

We greatly apologize for this inconvenience and are working to fix this as quickly as possible.