For Mouth Injury: See Teeth section.

Thrush: Thrush is a yeast infection of the mouth in small infants which causes white patches on the side of the mouth and gums. It is particularly common after antibiotic usage. If this occurs in your infant, you should call the office during regular office hours and we will call in a prescription for this.

Viral Stomatitis: This is an infection of young children which causes fever and ulcers on the inner surfaces of the lips, gums and throat. It lasts a few days and can be fairly uncomfortable. It can be due to the hand, foot and mouth disease, a Coxsackie virus infection. See the section on enterovirus in this handbook for more information. It can also be due to primary herpes simplex infection. Mouth ulcers, gum infection with red gums (gingivostomatitis) and fever is a sign of this.  Make an appointment for your child if you suspect herpes simplex infection. A medication called acyclovir (and others) can help treat this.

Viral stomatitis is best treated as follows:

  1. Encourage fluids to ensure that your child stays well hydrated (see Diarrhea section for signs of dehydration). Try to avoid carbonated beverages or fruit juices which will worsen the discomfort. Milk, ice cream, Popsicles and Jello are all good choices.
  2. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) may be used for fever (see Dosing Guide).
  3. A mixture of equal volumes of Benadryl elixir and Maalox liquid can be given to the child to help with the mouth pain and sore throat. The dose after mixing the two medications together is two teaspoons for every 22 pounds of body weight. This can be given as often as every four hours.
  4. Oral acyclovir can be given for primary herpes simplex infections.  An office visit is needed for this prescription.

Reviewed by Dr. Byrum on 3/22/17