1. All outside play near the street or driveway should be strictly supervised. Be especially careful when backing out of the driveway.
  2. Other measures concerning car safety, poisoning, drowning prevention, sunburn and burn prevention, as mentioned before, all apply to this age group.
  3. Take extra care to provide protection for your child from animal bites. Even trusted pets can produce significant bite wounds in young children. If your child is bitten by an animal, consult the section on bites in this handbook.
  4. Speech and hearing should be things of which you take notice. If your child has a poor response to noise or voice, has slow language or speech development, let us know this at your examination. At 15 to 18 months of age, your child needs an autism screen called M-Chat. Please see the section on growth and development for normal time tables of development.  Please know that multi-lingual children may experience mild language delay.  This generally resolves in the first few years of life.  Speaking multiple languages is actually encouraged for children as it develops their brain power and makes multicultural interactions possible.
  5. Continue to limit screen time.
Reviewed by Dr. Byrum on 3/27/17