We apologize for the inconvenience but our telephone provider – Telecomp – is having major issues today. Numerous clients are reporting issues to them.

Earlier we were unable to make phone calls out but we are now not able to receive incoming calls. If you need an appointment or a phone call from a nurse, please email us at customerservice@afkpeds.org.  Please be conscious of what you put in the email as our email is not encrypted.

Again – we apologize for the inconvenience and we hope to have the phone lines fixed soon!!


This issue is continuing to cause on and off issues. You may receive phone calls from other than our All for Kids lines if you are expecting a call back.

UPDATE 4:30 PM from Telecomp–

Distributed Denial of Service attack on the carrier that Telecomp is using is causing the problem worldwide. This attack is affecting thousands of voice providers in the United States and is also the underlying cause of the outage you are experiencing.

Mitigation efforts are being enacted in real-time to defend and protect the network. Additionally, multiple law enforcement agencies are engaged due to the severity and magnitude of the attack.