Greetings!  We are a seven-physician pediatric practice located at 904 Autumn Road in Little Rock, Arkansas. Our clinic was established in 1987.

Our name symbolizes the practice philosophy of our clinic and our commitment to the children and young adults who make up our practice.  We exist to serve the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our patients and their families.  We believe that children are a gift from God and are the future of our nation and society. As such, they deserve to be reared in the best possible environment and supported by Pediatricians committed to ensuring their optimal health and well-being. It is our desire to form a partnership with you and your family to achieve this goal. We want to encourage you to raise your children well. Nurture them and admonish them as God has instructed.

Ask questions, be involved and participate in your child’s healthcare. Our goal is to make our office a welcoming and comfortable place to bring your child with concerns about him or her.  You and your child are the most important people in our practice, so anytime we can do something to make your visit a little more pleasant, please let us know.

We provide general pediatric medical services from birth through age 21. Our services include:

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Checkup Visits

Checkups visits are very important to ensure that your child is healthy and growing, and developing properly. During checkup visits we assess growth and development, do examinations to screen for health problems, do any indicated laboratory work and give immunizations if they are needed. Because “sick visit” appointments are brief and focused on the problem at hand, these visits do not substitute for checkup appointments. Because checkups visits take more time, these should scheduled in advance and not combined with “sick visit” appointments.

Hospital Service

For hospitalization for our older patients, our physicians are on the professional staff of Baptist Health Medical Center, Little Rock and Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Should your child need hospitalization, the most appropriate hospital will be chosen in consultation with you for your child. We make rounds each day at Baptist Health Medical Center-Little Rock.

Arkansas Children’s Hospital:
Baptist Health Medical Center: