When to use: Acetaminophen should be used to reduce fever and relieve pain.  Acetaminophen has no anti-inflammatory actions. Prior to using acetaminophen for fever you should consult the fever section of this handbook.

Dosage: every four hours.  The Infant’s and Children’s acetaminophen syrup has 160 milligrams (mg.) per 5 mL.  See dosing chart below.

Side effects: Unlike ibuprofen and aspirin which can have rare but potentially serious side effects at normal dosages, acetaminophen taken at proper doses is very safe. Only if an overdose of the medication occurs is there a likelihood of any side effect. Beware, large overdoses of acetaminophen can be deadly, injuring the liver. This medicine should be kept out of reach of your children. If your child takes an overdose of acetaminophen call the office or poison control right away.

Note: For Infants’ Tylenol Drops, a dosage syringe is supplied with the medication. The concentration of Infant’s Tylenol Oral Suspension and Children’s Tylenol Oral Suspension both have the same concentration of 160 mg per 5 mL.  The following dosing chart should be used to determine the proper dose.


WeightAcetaminophen: Infant Drops and Children's Elixir (160 mg per 5 mL)
6 – 11 pounds1.25 mL
12 – 17 pounds2.5 mL
18 – 23 pounds3.75 mL
24 – 35 pounds5 mL
36 – 47 pounds7.5 mL
48 – 59 pounds10 mL
60 – 71 pounds12.5 mL
72 pounds and greater15 mL


WeightAcetaminophen chewable tablets 160 mg
24 - 35 pounds1
36 - 47 pounds1.5
48 - 59 pounds2
60 - 71 pounds2.5
72 pounds and greater3

You may give chewable acetaminophen tablets to children when they reach two years of age. You shouldn’t give it sooner than age two years because of the risk of choking. See the schedule above.


WeightAcetaminophen 120 mg. suppositories
18 - 23 pounds2/3
24 - 35 pounds1
36 - 47 pounds2
48 - 59 pounds2.5
60 - 71 pounds3
72 pounds and greater4

Children over the age of 12 years and adults may take two (2) 325 mg. acetaminophen tablets or two (2) 325 mg. acetaminophen suppositories every 4 hours. If a child has a particularly high fever sometimes we increase the dose of acetaminophen above these dosages. You should only increase your child’s dose on our direct recommendation because of the risk of over-dosage and liver damage.