HPV (Human papilloma virus vaccine: Gardasil): This immunization prevents infections with certain human papilloma viruses which are known to cause a variety of cancers in men and women, as well as certain types of genital warts. One of the main cancers that is prevented by the vaccine is cervical cancer in women.  Because cervical cancer is caused by certain sexually transmitted HPV infections, in order to prevent the cancer one must be immune to those types of HPV before exposure ever occurs. We position the immunization at the 11 to 12 year of life to insure this. HPV can also prevent certain rectal, mouth and throat and penile cancers. The vaccine is recommended for both girls and boys. Despite a very negative social media reputation, the HPV vaccine is very safe and effective.

View the CDC vaccine sheet here: vis-hpv.pdf

Reviewed by Dr. Byrum on 3/27/17