How to access AFK telemedicine on Thursday, February 18, 2021

You can access a telemedicine visit with one of our doctors on Thursday in one of two ways:

  1. You may email us at to request a telemedicine visit.  We will set up a time for you and email you that time.  Our physician will text you the waiting room link.
  2. OR, you can click on the following links during the times below to directly access the listed physicians without an appointment.  When you click on the link, that physician will be notified by text of your request.  Give us at least 10 minutes to respond to you.  We have multiple steps to answer your request.  Don’t leave the waiting the room.  Be patient!   Once we respond, a video chat will immediately open on your device.

The following links give you direct access to our individual physician’s virtual waiting rooms.  Clicking one of these links gives an immediate text message to that individual physician notifying him or her of your request for a telemedicine visit.  This is direct access to your doctor.  If the physician is available at that moment they will answer and immediately initiate the visit.  Here is our schedule for Thursday:

Telemedicine tips and instructions:  

  1. Click on the embedded web link on your text message. Instructions will be provided.  iPhones, Android devices, ipads, and computers all work well.
  2. Before your call, weigh your child and take their temperature if at all possible.
  3. Have your child beside you during the call so that your child can be examined with the phone.
  4. Your insurance company will be billed for the Telemedicine visit. Any of your insurance deductibles and copays will apply to these visits.  If you have questions about your insurance coverage of Telemedicine visits, please call your insurance company.  Arkansas Medicaid currently covers Telemedicine visits.