Clinic Phones Now Back Up

Again we apologize for the inconvenience of reaching us today.  Our phones are now up and going so there should not be issues reaching the clinic tomorrow - Tuesday, April 14, 2015.

Clinic Phones Down Monday April 13, 2015

We apologize but our phones have gone down and you are not able to access the clinic through the regular phone system. Two methods of contacting us: 1.  We currently have Comcast forwarding our main number - 501-224-5437 to a cell phone. Of course you may get a busy signal with only one line versus [...]

We have moved the MMR vaccine to 12 months.

We are following the current US measles epidemic story with vigilance. Thankfully for now, Arkansas has been spared. We are getting a lot of calls from our parents about what to do in response. We have two recommendations. First, we are moving the first routine MMR vaccination for our young patients to the 12 month [...]