OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED FRIDAY Sept. 15 after 2 p.m. and SATURDAY the 16th – 2017

    We are preparing for a new roof top air conditioner unit installation. This project is slated for Friday, 9.15.17 and scheduled to continue over the weekend.   Electrical power to the entire building will be terminated and the building must be completely evacuated by 2:00 PM on Friday, 9.15.17.   Delivery and offloading [...]

We have moved the MMR vaccine to 12 months.

We are following the current US measles epidemic story with vigilance. Thankfully for now, Arkansas has been spared. We are getting a lot of calls from our parents about what to do in response. We have two recommendations. First, we are moving the first routine MMR vaccination for our young patients to the 12 month [...]

The Flu is here

This past week our office has been really busy with influenza. After an incubation period of 1 to 3 days, an Influenza illness is generally characterized by the sudden onset of fever, frequently with chills or rigors, headache, feelings of tiredness, muscle aches, and a dry cough. Then, the respiratory signs of sore throat, nasal [...]


We wanted to comment on the current story about amebic meningitis that is in the news. The free living ameba is a rare disease that occurs when humans become infected. Water containing the ameba enters the nose and migrates into the brain. You do NOT become infected by drinking contaminated water. Symptoms begin 1-7 days [...]

Picking Up Info from the Front Desk

For Confidentiality and HIPAA reasons we will now need to know who will be picking up any information you request to be left at the front desk for pick up. To make sure that information in regard to your child does not get to the wrong person, the employee that talks to you will ask who [...]