Dear Patients and Parents of All For Kids Pediatric Clinic,

This has been quite a ride these past four days as more people in Arkansas are becoming infected with the novel coronavirus. Because of changing risks due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are making changes to how we are operating as a clinic. These changes are being put in place to protect our well little ones while at the same time treating our sick kids. We hope you understand this inconvenience.

Schedule changes beginning tomorrow, Monday, March 16th, 2020.

A. Morning appointments are now reserved for well child visits only.
1.  No sick visit appointments in the morning will be allowed. If you have a sick visit appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning, please do not come. We will reschedule you for tomorrow afternoon. We are calling our sick visit appointments for tomorrow morning and rescheduling them as able.
2. If you have a well child visit appointment for tomorrow afternoon, please do not come. We will reschedule you a time for tomorrow morning or find another convenient time for you on another morning.
3. Please try to limit the number of adults and children present during well child visits. The best case is the child being examined with one parent. If this is not possible, we do understand.

B. Afternoons are now reserved for sick patients only.
1. No sick children will be seen at All For Kids in the mornings and no well child checkups will be done in the afternoons.
2. If you have an emergency or an urgent problem, go to Arkansas Children’s Hospital ER or call us at 501-224-5437. We will help you decide where to get emergent care.
3. A nurse will be asking screening questions at our front door to prevent spread of COVID-19 into our clinic. A person with possible COVID-19 will be asked to wait in the car without entering our building and we will assess your child by phone.
4. During sick visits, our staff will be wearing masks to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, so please don’t be fearful of our appearance. We are still the same sweet physicians who care about your children!
5. As with well child visits, please try to limit the number of people present in the examination room during sick visits. It is best with one parent and the child alone in the exam room.

We hope to begin offering telemedicine visits in the very near future. Telemedicine visits promise to be a good way for patients who test positive for COVID-19 to be followed at home. We can check breathing status, general health and follow our patients while they remain in quarantine at home. We are exploring other ways to use telemedicine during this time such as ADHD follow up visits.
We continue to pray for the safety of your family during this trying time. We are here to help.

Jerry Byrum for all our physicians