We have returned to the normal after hours coverage if you need medical advice after hours.  If the clinic is closed and you need medical advice – you may call the Medical Exchange at 501-663-8400.


Effective Wednesday, April 29, 2020 there will be changes to our afterhours coverage:

Monday through Friday   – 5 to 8 pm – we are offering Telemedicine visits for urgent problems.

There are 2 options to start these visits:

  1. Enter the waiting room of the on call physician by using the  telemedicine tab on our website afkpeds.org .
  2. Call the Medical Exchange at 501-663-8400. The on call physician will call you or send a link to you to access the telemedicine visit. You will receive the  link on your cell phone.

After 8 pm and through the night we will continue to use Kids Care, the afterhours service at ACH when you call the Medical Exchange.

Thank you for understanding all of our changes as we navigate through this pandemic!