All for Kids Pediatric Clinic will have a drive through flu shot clinic this Saturday, October 17, 2020 – 9 to 11:30.  This will be for Injection flu shots only and for patients 8 years of age and older that willingly get vaccines.

We have flu vaccines for both private and state supplied Medicaid.

Please call 501-224-5437 to schedule your flu vaccine before Saturday. We will be unable to give any unscheduled flu shots.


To help the drive through flu clinic  run smoothly and safely, please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Wear masks appropriately
  2. No one with an illness
  3. Wear short sleeves
  4. No pets in the vehicle
  5. Parent may need to get out of the vehicle to help with a child
  6. Do not park in a parking space – stay in the line



1. The flu clinic will be at the back of our parking lot.  Please enter from the IHOP side of the parking lot. The other direction will be EXIT ONLY.

2. The receptionist will be your first stop – she will verify your appointment and direct you to the clinical staff to receive your Flu Shot.

3. Move to the second stop and  stop to get the Flu Shot -you will need to STOP your engine before the staff can give the shot.

4. After the vaccine has been given, exit the parking lot via the other side of the parking lot.

5. IF it turns out that your child is uncooperative and the clinical staff is unable to give the shot easily – you have the option of pulling into a parking space to give you time to calm your child.